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David Zappasodi is an inspirational speaker, health and wellness professional, author of the #1 International Bestseller Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind, and creator of The Empowered Health Program. For over twenty years, his innovative approach to health and fitness has helped many people transform their lives.

At the heart of David’s approach is his belief in the beauty and greatness of the human spirit. His mission is to bring clarity to the interconnectedness of life and inspire transformation through a greater understanding of the essence of health, and what it really takes for us to be successful with our health goals.


David Zappasodi Empowered Health Coach
David Zappasodi Empowered Health Coach

Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind

An international bestseller, Immovable Heart ~ Unstoppable Mind reached #1 on Amazon in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany and France in it’s first year of publication.

The reason?

A simple yet revolutionary approach that actually makes a difference. This book gets deep into what’s really going on when we get stuck, and what it actually takes to break through it. If you’ve struggled over and over with health goals, and are ready to try a completely different approach…

Empowered Health Program

This program was created out of a compassionate desire to help those who feel frustrated and stuck with their weight loss goals. And in fact, what we’ve found is that the more stuck…the better.

The inspiration for this program first came about when David’s book became an international bestseller, and he started receiving messages from all over the world. Messages from people that were crying as they read the book, finally realizing what they’d been missing all this time. Messages from people who felt their lives were changed, because they now understood what’s really been holding them back.

However, one of the questions he kept getting was “do you have a program or system that can help me to apply these concepts in everyday life?”

Well, the answer to this was yes and no. Yes…he had a system he used in his own life, but no…he didn’t have a program that he could share with others.

So he created one…

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