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Ok, so first of all, let’s get all the “credentials” out of the way, that everyone says you are supposed to share: I’ve been a weight loss professional for over 28 years, after having gotten my bachelor’s degree in the Health Sciences. I’m estimating that I’ve completed close to 50,000 client hours at this point (does anyone actually count?), I am an international best-selling author, and I have been featured on many major news channels, podcasts, and stages throughout the years.

But here’s the thing … even though my “credentials” may seem to be impressive, I will be the first one to tell you that none of these things really matter, in and of themselves.

And the reason why is because in these times that we are living in right now, “credentials” can often be inflated and made to look really great, so that you’ll have confidence in the person and want to work with them.

The real question beyond the “credentials” is this… do I help people to get the result, and transform their lives in the ways that they want? I know that’s what you really want to know.

And the answer is yes, I do help people to experience this transformation (in a lasting way), even when nothing else has worked, and even when they’ve tried and failed for so many years that they no longer believe they can do it. 

Now, how am I able to do that? The answer is simple… I have a core credential that is far greater than anything I’ve listed above. And that core credential is this…

I have always been driven by a desire to know the true nature of reality.

I have always been driven by a desire to know the true nature of reality.


As a young child I got into a lot of trouble, and I was often sent to my room. I would lie there on my bed and contemplate “What is God?” and “What was there before the beginning of time?” and all kinds of existential questions like these. They were perplexing, and they were fascinating. 

And it never stopped… I was constantly grappling with these paradoxical questions, and the more I drove into them, the more they drove into me. Naturally, this drive to know the truth ended up impacting every single area of my life – whatever I was doing, that was my reality in that moment, and I was driving as deeply into it as I possibly could.


Now, fast-forward to many years later, when I was at my very first fitness job. One day I was talking with my boss and I asked him why most people who are trying to lose weight are not successful in the long-term. And here was his answer…

Overweight people are lazy, and they’re weak, and they’re not willing to do what it takes to be successful.”

Now remember, this was almost 30 years ago, so try not to judge him too harshly. The stigma around being overweight was a lot more acceptable then, than it is now. But here’s what was interesting…

While my boss was giving me this answer, I looked over and saw an overweight woman on a treadmill, and she looked like she was working herself to death. She was there every single day, giving it all she had, and yet she never seemed to lose any weight.

And in that moment, as I was looking at this woman on the treadmill, while my boss was giving me an answer about how overweight people are lazy, I had a realization…


It’s not that overweight people are lazy, it’s that the weight loss industry is lazy. That’s the real problem. Because when they keep using the same old methods – trying to get people to resist cravings, and restrict their portions, and sacrifice and struggle and work themselves to death – even though the industry average with these methods is somewhere around a 3% success rate, but they keep doing it anyway??? – to me, that’s the epitome of laziness.

And so looking back, I feel that it was a huge blessing that I had this experience in the very beginning of my career, because it got me into a frame of mind right from the start, that the conventional methods needed to be consciously challenged, rather than blindly followed. 

And that is exactly what I did. For decades I tried all different kinds of approaches, and went through endless cycles of trial and error and refinement, all while deeply meditating and constantly being driven by my desire to know the truth.

And although the journey was very challenging for a lot of years, it has been well worth it. Because now I have developed a system of transformation that is not only as radical as it gets, but also works predictably, like clock-work, and I have the great honor of being able to see people transform their bodies and their lives on a daily basis, when they had previously been stuck for years or decades.

And helping people to become free never gets old – it’s the most fulfilling experience and it always lights me up!


And now, in coming full-circle back to “credentials” for a moment – here’s the best part…

My drive towards the truth for all these years has given me the greatest gift of all; I am now able to help others to actualize the full embodiment of their own truth – in their bodies, and in their everyday lives. They come here to lose weight, but they end up loving themselves and the lives they are living on a whole new level, throughout the process.

And because of this, my “credentials” no longer matter, because my real authority has nothing to do with my accomplishments from the past, and everything to do with my message for today. 

My message is a living message; it applies to the way we are living life… right here… right now. And for the person who has struggled long enough, and is ready to bring about a real transformation of body and mind, as well as come into a whole new level of fulfillment in their life…